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CALIA ITALIA Romeo Relax Sofa

The Romeo Relax completes the Romeo range collection. The new Home Theater version, thanks to its panoramic, semicircle configuration – recalling a movie theater structure – is of great visual impact.
The frame is further enhanced by armrests that, equipped with a lamp, battery-charger and beverage holder, stand in-between the seating areas and act as storage compartments.
A comfortable sofa thus turns into an efficient worktop.

Availability: Special

Estimated Delivery Time: 31 October - 4 December 2019 (10 - 14 weeks)


Additional Information

Model Romeo Relax
Manufacturer CALIA ITALIA
Manufacturer code F2541
Version code P34+P35
Color Brown
Color number 1529
Upholstery Leather
Palette Tender
Height, inch 26.4
Depth, inch 42.2
Length, inch 85.1
Seat depth, inch 24.1
Seat height, inch 16.6
Seater 3
Recliner Yes